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Chief Rocky Boy is a very important historical figure. He never surrendered nor signed treaty ceding land. He rose to power in the press in 1901. However, he was obviously a high ranking Ojibway leader in Montana and other western States and in Canada, long before 1901. His son Apitchitchew (A-pi-tchi-chiw) became chief of the Ermineskin First Nation in 1959. In 1967, he fled his Reserve along with 140 of his subjects. They settled in the territory of the Foothills Ojibway Society of Alberta. Chief Smallboy was very much like his father chief Rocky Boy. Very defiant. He may have been chief Rocky Boy's grandson. However, it's far more likely he was his son.


Indians Must Take Care Of Their Own Dead

Ancient Egyptians were infatuated with an afterlife. Ancient Egyptians who could afford mummification, were mummified. It's estimated that over 70 million ancient Egyptians were mummified. Today, very few remain. Whites ate many of the ancient Egyptian mummies. They thought they had healing powers. However, the whites used incredible numbers of ancient Egyptian mummies for fuel for Egyptian trains and for other energy concerns. They also used them to make paper bags. That's why very few ancient Egyptian mummies remain. Those ancient Egptians went to great lengths to preserve themselves for an afterlife, only to fall into the hands of whites who destroyed them. Indians must take care of their own dead and protect them.

We live in a time where mummification is at it's height. They have embalming fluids that can preserve human bodies indefinitely. Human bodies mummified now, will yet look how they did at the moment of death, 100s of years from now. It's our intention to resume mummifications. Buildings to house the dead must be built. Each family will be given a room or rooms, to place their dead ones in. If Indian leaders reject this proposition, it will not alter our intentions. We will not allow Indian leaders who reject this proposition, the privilege of mummification. Guards will be stationed at buildings housing our dead, to protect them. We do learn from history. Mummification of our dead is our principle intention.